Which factors to consider about the fertility hospital before opting it up?

Which factors to consider about the fertility hospital before opting it up

Taking up the decision for undergoing the IVF treatment is not an easy one. If one has taken so, that signifies that the couple has developed faith in the doctors who will carry out the treatment. According to the fertility experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, “People deem us as their God since we have enlightened a hope among them that they can be parents.” The IVF cost in the best IVF centre of Punjab is minimal that everybody can afford it.

So today we are going to discuss some of the factors that every couple should consider about the hospital.

  • Are the fertility doctors having the certifications?

The fertility doctors are not deemed able to carry out the fertility procedure unless they are certified by the board. A fertility doctor has to travel a long journey of 11 years to be called the certified doctor. The doctors should be quintessentially trained because, in the absence of the required training, these are the chances that some fault will remain in the procedure.

  • How many fertility doctors are there?

There are two types of clinics – Small clinics and Large clinics.

If you are approaching a small clinic, then you will get treatment from one doctor. Not more than 2 doctors are included in the treatment in such clinics. But as far as the large clinics are concerned, there are multiple doctors. Each doctor will be accountable for satisfying the particular role.

Based on your conviction, you are free to choose the doctor.

  • Do they report to SART?

SART is the society for assisted reproductive technology that associates the different clinics in getting the report of the pregnancy rates. Besides, they are accountable for setting rules, regulations and standards for IVF.

  • Are they committed to excellence?

The meaning of excellence is that the fertility centre is known to provide the highest success rates and the doctors practising in the particular clinic have their expertise in the field.

  • Do they provide a variety of treatments?

The IVF centres do not only focus on providing IVF treatment rather the patients are facilitated with a variety of assisted reproductive treatments like ICSI, IMSI and Mini IVF. If the particular centre is only providing IVF, then you should not be opting up for that clinic.

  • Is the clinic having its labs?

Two types of labs is require in the IVF and those are:

  • Embryology
  • Andrology

These labs should be separately owned by the clinic since the safety of the embryos and the confidentiality of the couple’s details is maintained with this.