Why is it important to talk to your OB/GYN before you try to conceive?

Why is it important to talk to your OB GYN before you try to conceive


You may be trying to conceive and concerned about your condition. In some cases, people have possible infertility symptoms or certain risk factors that are making things difficult. The health gynaecologist in Punjab will help to discuss the issues and the reproductive topics. Visiting the best IVF centre in Punjab will make you understand better what treatment plan is likely to improve your condition.

Book your Initial appointment

Schedule the consultation with the fertility expert and ask different questions on how to plan. This way you will have adequate time to prepare for the treatment. Initial consultation makes things go much easier, and you will be comfortable throughout the treatment.

Take your partner along with you

It is even better if your healthcare provider meets with your partner as you will be discussing the conception plan. For conception, both partners’ health plays a vital role. This way all the concerns and questions would be asked and you know how you need to move further. Your doctor might suggest you get fertility testing to check for fertility issues.

Know when you need to stop birth control

If you are on birth control then it is better to ask the doctor when you need to stop them. You need to schedule an appointment for an implant or IUD. In some cases, birth control needs more time as compared to others, so you need to plan accordingly.

 Ask about lifestyle changes and supplements

Certain supplements need to be taken when you are trying to conceive. Your doctor will understand your medical history and let you know which one you need to take. Along with that ask for the lifestyle changes which need to be incorporated into your lifestyle so that things can be managed properly. Ask the following questions:

  • Should I prohibit myself from coffee consumption?
  • Can I drink a glass of wine during pregnancy?
  • Am I having the right kind of food?
  • Should I stop smoking?
  • Is my weight okay to start a family?

Discuss all the possible options

Couples above the age of 35 and who are trying to get pregnant should go through all the possible fertility options. With age, the fertility curve gets down.

Talk about all the medications you take

If you are taking medications then you need to understand that some of them are not beneficial for your health. Your medical expert might tell you to switch some of them so that your fertility is not impacted. Even if you are taking supplements or over-the-counter medications then you need to stop. Along with that if you notice any general health-related symptoms then openly discuss with the doctor about the same.

Time is the wisest counselor of all

Here what we meant is, consult the health care provider about your health on time. Talk to them about the questions or concerns you have. Their support and knowledge will prove fruitful for you in planning your conception journey.