Is there any relation between being overweight and infertility?

Being overweight and Infertility

Infertility is a term that is used to define your inability to conceive a baby naturally. This is not only experienced by women, but men also suffer from this condition. If you are also struggling to conceive a baby, then you need to know the reason behind this condition. For this, you have to visit the fertility clinic, so that your specialist can examine your health and tell you what is the exact reason behind infertility.

There are several reasons behind infertility include-:

  • Hormonal fluctuations

  • Certain health conditions include hypertension, stress, cancer, and so on.

  • Ovulation problem which includes your inability to produce healthy eggs.

  • Being overweight is another problem that leads you to fertility problems.

 IVF  treatment is additionally known as In-Vitro fertilization, which is specially designed for those who are struggling to conceive a baby naturally due to several health problems.

How being overweight affects fertility in both men and women?

Yes, it is true that being overweight is the main reason behind several health conditions. If you are obese then you need to understand how it affects your ability to be parents. The main reason behind obesity is a sedentary lifestyle, which includes too much consumption of junk food, oily food items, and sugary foods as well as drinks too.

In ladies

  • If you are too obese and trying to conceive a baby, but you are unable, then you have to visit the IVF doctor as soon as possible.

  • Women have two hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are valuable to regulate the menstrual cycle, but being Overweight results in high levels of a hormone, that is known as leptin. This leptin hormone is responsible for the production of fatty tissue. The overproduction of fatty tissue leads to fertility problems such as infertility.

  • Being overweight also results in several other health conditions too such as irregular or missing periods. These conditions increase the risk of infertility in women or make you unable to produce healthy eggs. This condition is additionally known as ovulation problem.

In males

  • Do not think that if you are male then there is no risk of fertility issues. No, you are wrong here, because being overweight also affects your ability to be a father.

  • In the condition of obesity, you will surely suffer from sperm cell problems, such as low sperm count or poor sperm motility.

How to treat infertility due to overweight?

  • First, you have to maintain a healthy weight according to your BMI. You must talk to your specialist to get knowledge about your BMI because only he can guide you properly.

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