IVF Journey: Becoming A Mother With IVF Treatment

Pregnancy Journey with IVF Punjab

Like every other couple, Priya and Amit also thought of starting their family. But, they never knew that it would be difficult for them to fulfill this dream. It took them 5 long years to live your journey of getting pregnant to holding their little bundle of joy in their arms.

No doubt, they tried everything and with time it was getting frustrating & stressful. But, it was worth the wait when they visited our IVF centre (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre) to seek advice from our fertility specialist for the infertility treatment. Here, they have shared their journey to make other people aware that they are not alone in this problem.

Fertility journey

Before we visited the Sofat hospital, we have undergone one cycle of IVF but it was not successful. At that time we lost all our hopes of getting pregnant. But then I understood that many other women are struggling through the same situation and they even don’t know what to do.

With the advice from our family members, we visited the fertility doctor as Sofat. Well, it was like a ray of hope for us again. The doctor consulted us and made sure we are comfortable throughout the treatment.

Initial consultation

At the initial stage, the doctor determined our health to know the reason behind infertility. Moreover, she recommended many things which will help me to improve the chances of conception. This is true, at every step of the treatment, she was there to guide me. Not only the doctor but the entire staff was very cooperative and friendly.

Start of the treatment

The egg retrieval procedure was done. Throughout the procedure, my health was monitored to make sure that my body is responding in the right way.

Later embryo was implanted and then we needed to wait for 2 weeks. No doubt, we were scared and tensed what if the results will not come out successful.

But, after all the problems and tears finally, we received the best news of our life. The embryo transfer was done successfully and we are going to become parents and finaly we became parents of a beautiful baby girl.

What did I learn through my journey?

  • No doubt, there will be times when you feel that why is this happening with you or life is so unfair. But, keep in mind it is important that you surround yourself with positive thoughts and happiness. Focus on things that are important to you and take out time for yourself.
  • When you see other people getting happy you might feel frustrated. Rather than thinking negative you should be grateful and be hopeful for your future.
  • One thing which I would never forget as told by my fertility doctor is to understand a person’s body is different. So, you need to keep in mind the issues and age might not be the same due to which you are not able to see the desired results.