How IVF treatment is successful for low ovarian reserve at the age of 36?

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What is diminished ovarian reserve?

Ovarian reserve is linked with the reproductive health of ovaries which is based on the number & quality of eggs. The higher number of eggs in the ovaries, AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) level will be higher.

If the level of AMH is low then it means ovarian reserve is getting diminished.

How the AMH level is checked?

Most of the time patients ask us how AMH level is checked. If the AMH level is below 1.05 ng/ml then it is a very low AMH level.

Actually, the problem increases when the women are of 36 age. This makes it difficult for women to conceive as fertility is affected.

In case, you are experiencing problems conceiving then you should seek the help of the fertility specialist as they will let you know the best treatment option according to your problem. Patients who are looking for the best test tube baby centre in India should visit our hospital for the treatment.

Treatment option: IVF

When it is found that AMH level is very low which means ovarian reserve is getting low then treatment of IVF is recommended. The treatment is the most effective and reliable option.

As we have already said with age women do face the problem. So, the doctor will plan the treatment according to your situation. In this case, the women are given a higher dose of fertility medications so that better quality of eggs can be produced an in adequate number.

Explain the process of IVF?

The treatment of IVF starts with stimulating the ovaries. With the fertility hormones, a number of eggs will be produced so that a significant number of the embryo can be obtained. The treatment time will depend on the type of stimulation protocol chosen. It might take 10 to 20 days.

According to your health and issue the doctor will recommend you the medication and appropriate dosage. Additionally, ultrasound scan and serum level will be checked so that the growth of ovarian follicle and maturation is checked.

Before retrieving the eggs, hormone injections are given and after 36 hours eggs will be retrieved. The egg retrieval is done in the clinic. To reduce the discomfort the patient is given a sedative and it takes around 15 minutes.

Then comes the oocyte fertilization in which sperm is mixed with sperm so that fertilization can occur. This can happen in 2 ways:

  • Placing the egg and sperm directly in the petri dish.
  • With ICSI, in which sperm is injected directly into the egg.

The final stage is embryo transfer which is a painless procedure and takes around 15 minutes.

So, it is true that IVF treatment does help when the AMH level gets low at the age of 36. if you are facing issue then you should seek the help of our fertility specialist.

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