What are the different steps to take after Failed Fertility Treatment?

What are the different steps to take after Failed Fertility Treatment

There are a couple of fertility treatments such as IVF, medications, and so on. Many couples choose IVF treatment because it is the most well-known treatment. There are a couple of various potential outcomes for why the treatment was not a success.

There are manyfactors that can lead to failure of IVF  such as age, embryo quality, and ovarian response. These are explained as below-:

What are the possible reasons for the failure of In-Vitro Fertility treatment

  • The ovarian reaction-: These days many couples face this infertility problem, which explains as the inability to conceive a child. Whether they choose the best IVF center in India, they may encounter some problems. A lady’s ovaries will react to fertility treatment by creating various eggs. This generation must happen to increase the odds of conception in women. Ovaries of a couple of ladies, in any case, are simply not ready to do as such as they have less number of eggs in their reserve than was normal. The main reason for this condition is age, yet in addition, could have something to do with the presence of a high follicle stimulating hormone. Moreover, this occurs because of low anti-mullerian hormone levels.
  • Age-: Nowadays, many couples pick test tube baby treatment in order to conceive their own baby. The success of IVF treatment is depending on the age of women. If you reached to 40s, you are unable to produce better quality eggs as compared to a young woman. It is the main reason for infertility in women. Age may also respond to produce less number of eggs. This condition can lead to failure of IVF treatment.
  • Quality of Embryo-: The fertility treatment include an embryo transfer, the failed IVF treatment has many causes but the wrong implantation of embryo disappoints most. In addition, this may happen due to problems in the uterus or with embryos. Many surgeons demonstrate that this happens only due to the arrest of the embryos. The embryonic arrest is generally prompt by chromosomal or hereditary factors.

What to do after the failure of fertility treatment?

If you are facing the problem of failed IVF treatment, you should wait for a few days in order to understand the issues you encountered during the process. Then you should again visit your doctor in order to retake the treatment. You and your partner spend some time together so that you both can heal this loss.

Take sometime off

You have to take a break from all the fertility treatments. You must talk to your friends and spend some time with your family. If you want to get relief from this issue, you and your partner must plan a trip for a week. This will help you to heal your loss. You should also take some time off from your working organization in order to recover.

Talk to your fertility specialist

Afterward, you should talk to your fertility specialist, for your best solution. specialist will examine all issues again and then suggest a treatment. You should ask them some question if you want to. Ask them about the issues so that you can proceed with a more informed treatment plan.