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Transvaginal-Ultrasonography in India

Transvaginal Ultrasound

Transvaginal ultrasound is primarily a test performed to determine the state of reproductive organs of a female such as her uterus, ovaries and cervix. The term transvaginal refers to evaluation of complete vagina. The ultrasound probe is kept inside the vagina that permits a close and clear observation of the pelvic organ and an evident ultrasound images are captured. With this a doctor can discuss about the more evaluation and treatment required for you. The main purpose of the test is to determine the female uterus problems and their possible treatment.



During the test, sonographers who are a specialist perform the evaluation. The sonographer reports doctor about the scan and scan is taken again if required. For the convenience of patient, male or female sonographers are arranged. The time taken to provide a test report depends on the various factors such as urgent need of results, complexity involved while test, if more information is needed by a doctor, if you had X-rays or other imaging diagnosis in past etc. Your doctor will explain the meaning results that stand for you.

Your bladder should be empty and you are asked to take your clothes off from waist and you may need to wear a gown. Then lie on a test couch, normally a sheet is offered to cover you then after bending your legs, a transducer is kept inside your vagina that is normally bigger than a tampon and particularly shaped to fit in your organ. Images are taken by moving transducer softly. The specialist takes ultrasound of uterus and ovaries, overall complete vagina.

The probe releases sound waves which are reflected by body structures which are then received by computer to create an image. In few cases, a special transvaginal ultrasound technique is utilized known as saline infusion sonography if more clear view of the uterus is required such as fibroid in uterus cavity is observed.

An ultrasound test is conducted by a trained specialist. The images taken are the real time view of your pelvic area. The test is completely pain-free, however some females feel exert of the probe of ulrasonography tvs that is only inserted by a small level in the vaginal part.

The test is usually painless, although some women may have mild discomfort from the pressure of the probe. Only a small part of the probe is placed into the vagina. The sonographer or doctor can observe the images on a monitor to discuss the occurring problems in your lower part and treatment.