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Tuberculosis Treatment In Women


Tuberculosis Treatment is available in our center in Ludhiana, Punjab. Tuberculosis or TB is a very unlikely disease and if it occurs in women during their pregnancy, they need to be more careful. Fortunately, in the improved living conditions and with the advanced medical help, induction of TB is immediately controlled and cured. Although recently there has been a revival. Increase in the count of TB patients is caused by several factors such as drug side-effects, lack of money, poor diets and living in the poor conditions, additionally increased count among the immigrants.

The tuberculin skin inspection using purified protein derivative or PPD in the pregnancy has not been related with teratogenic effects. Actually, inspecting the active or old TB through PPD and it is verified that tuberculin skin testing is confirmed for the pregnancy. The crucial action to handle TB is immediate start-up of chemotherapy.

Understanding the therapeutic options for pregnant females or females at the child bearing caught by TB is awareness of the influence of TB on the pregnancy. The effect of TB on pregnancy, the safety of treatment while pregnancy and instructions for newborn babies of infected mummies.

Studies state that pregnancy doesn’t affect the TB treatment course which is further supported by success of chemotherapy performed during pregnancy. So TB infection rates do not increase while conceiving however the tuberculosis symptoms might delay identification of TB so it can be said that pregnancy may have a minor effect on the clinical course of TB.

Symptoms Of TB

TB travels among humans through droplets. When a person infected with TB coughs, sneezes or talks, small drops of saliva or mucus are released into air that can be inhaled by another individual. The infectious particles once reaching the alveoli, further cells intakes the TB bacteria. Then the bacteria spread across lymphatic system and blood stream and other organs. The infection further extends in the organs with high oxygen pressures such as upper lobes of lungs, kidneys, bone marrow, meninges and brain enclosures and spinal cord.

This disease generally does not have any specific symptoms however with TB disease might have several or nominal symptoms: Unrelenting cough, tiredness, weight loss, lack of hunger, fever, bleeding during cough, night sweats. These symptoms may also be related with other diseases hence it is essential to consult you healthcare provider and to evaluate TB. An individual with TB disease may become healthy or have a slight cough time to time. If you think you have been exposed to TB, get a TB test.

Tuberculosis Treatment In Pregnant Women

There are still no evidences stating that TB causes unwanted complications in pregnancy or delivery. The pregnancy and delivery rates are same in normal and infected females. The prediction of TB altered dramatically after particular chemotherapeutic agents were created. As the drug resistance grows quickly when a single medicine is consumed, chemotherapy regimens for TB include minimum three drugs that vary on the base of organism’s sensitivity.

The pregnant females who are getting isoniazid must take pyridoxine. Doctors do not recommend Intake of streptomycin as it leaves deleterious effect on fetus.

However the drugs pass through placenta and reach small concentrations in human fetal fluids and tissues, no information about the relation of these drugs with inborn anomalies have been found. Rifampin and isoniazid have been associates as the major causes of hemorrhagic disease in congenital, if these complicated pose risk, oral prophylactic Vitamin K1 is prescribed to females during the last pregnancy month.

Under strict observation of physicians, TB can be cured successfully in the pregnant females ensuring no side effects on the foetus hence successful and healthy delivery of newborns.