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A lady’s capacity to give birth to a baby diminishes with age. On the off chance that you are utilizing your own particular eggs, by and large, the more youthful you are the higher your shots of achievement.

To highlight the effect of age, for occasion, a lady who is under age 35 and experiences IVF has a 40% shot of having an infant, while a lady beyond 40 years old has a 10% possibility. Then again, achievement rates are expanding in every age aggregate as methods are getting more refined and specialists turning out to be more experienced.

Age related achievement rates are very much abridged in the table given underneath. Below is the list of stats of live conception rates in per IVF cycle utilizing their own eggs. The live conception rate is the rate of all IVF cycles that prompt a live conception. This rate does exclude unnatural birth cycle or stillbirth and various request births, for example, twins and triplets are considered one pregnancy.

Age Group Success Rate
< 35 Years 37%
35-37 Years 26%
38-39 Years 20%
40-42 Years 15%
43-44 Years 7%
43-44 Years 3%

The Live Birth Rates Using Donor Eggs Are As Follows:

Fresh Donor Egg Embryos Thawed Donor Egg Embryos
Live birth rate 55.1% 33.8%