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Complete Infertility Evaluation Tests

It has been observed since last few years that infertility has been swallowing among the males and females both. To cope up with infertility problem couples approach for infertility clinics.

Sofat Infertility Workshop

For the best treatment fertility experts of Sofat Infertility clinic put extravagant efforts for doing complete evaluation of problem of infertile couple.

Treatment undergoes the various steps as follows

Collecting History Of Infertile Couple

When infertile couple visits our clinic for very first time then for root analysis doctors ask various questions to the couple for collecting the relevant and important information.

These questions can be regarding the history of any kind of surgery, medication or disease.

Co ordination team collects the information related to lifestyle and even about intercourse and prepares the initial reports on the basis of collected information.

That report is reviewed by the experts so that best suit treatment can be given to the couple and initial tests can be recommended for further process. Even this initial diagnose of the problem decrease the number of visits of the couple for clinic and even saves their time and cost.

Physical Tests

For the commencement of best treatment some test are conducted to know the type and cause of infertility and to know about the effectiveness of the other ailments and methods to overcome the problem.

  1. Female partner is asked for the pelvic ultrasound that helps to provide the problems with the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Basically this test is conducted to know about the potential of female partner for adequate ovarian simulation.
  2. Ovarian reserve is also diagnosed to know about the supply of women eggs by conducting the blood testing and ultrasound. Blood test includes day 3 FSH, LH and estradiol hormone testing and even AMH hormone levels and in ultrasound ovarian volume is assessed along with the assessment of antral follicle count
  3. Ovulation disorder can cause the infertility in women so for knowing the best treatment its evaluation is necessary then depending on the ovarian problem like polycystic ovarian syndrome some medications are suggested.
  4. Inability of couple to conceive can also be due to the infertility of men so diagnose of infertility of male member is also done with the semen analysis in which sperm samples are taken to know about the level of infertility and to know about the mobility, motility , speed and direction of the sperms. Even due to advancement CASA test is performed to know about male infertility.
  5. If there is history of the miscarriages then lupus anticoagulant and anti-cardiolipin antibody tests are also conducted

So after the basic testing of infertile couple some further tests can also be conducted like surgical procedure Laparoscopy to know about pelvic scarring but these days due to innovative methods like IVF, IUI laparoscopy is skipped by the couples.

Due to more success ratio of IVF procedure most of the couple prefer this method for having their own baby in which eggs are fertilized in the lab and embryo is implanted for successful pregnancy.