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Male Infertility Due To Oligospermia

Oligospermia treatment in India
Oligospermia and Azoospermia are two different forms of male infertility that generally require a sperm analysis. Having thick or thin semen can’t scientifically signify infertility, unless the semen is thoroughly examined microscopically. Azoospermia is a male infertility case where there is an absence of sperm cell in the semen. However, we shall throw more light on Oligospermia at this juncture.

What’s The Best Way To Describe Oligospermia?

Oligospermia is another male infertility case where there is a low sperm count in a man’s semen. Generally, sperm counts above 15 million sperm per milliliter (mL) of semen are taken to be normal and with this, a man is termed fertile. However, any range below 15 million is defined as oligospermia.

How Do I Know That I Have Oligospermia?

An inability to help your wife get pregnant may pinpoint to oligospermia, but considering a wide range of male infertility issues today, your infertility may also arise from other factors. A semen analysis is necessary to help you ascertain the actual problem.

Common Causes Of Oligospermia


Factors believed to trigger oligospermia in males include;

  • Varicocele

Enlarged veins in the scrotum or a swelling may trigger sperm issues in men and low sperm count is one of them. Although the exact cause of varicocele is unknown, it is believed that increased testicular temperatures can trigger the condition.

  • Ejaculation Issues

Ejaculation issues such as retrograde ejaculation can develop a condition where the semen enters the bladder other than going out of the penis. Factors that can trigger ejaculation problems include spinal injuries, prostate, cancer, and past surgeries.

  • Hormonal Problems

The testicles in conjunction with the brain are tasked to produce hormones that facilitate sperm production and normal ejaculations. In case there is an imbalance in the hormones, oligospermia is one of the conditions triggered.

  • Age

Just like women, men too have a biological clock. With this, the older the man becomes, his level of sperm count is reduced directly.

  • Infection

A number of infections, such as STDs, HIV, or an inflammation of the orchitis and the epididymitis can trigger oligospermia.

  • Medications

These include blood pressure medications, beta blockers, and the excess use of antibiotics.

Other causes include;

  • Drug use
  • Alcoholism
  • An exposure to chemicals
  • Chromosome defects
  • Undescended testicles

Clinical Oligospermia Diagnosis

A number of diagnostic approaches are considered and these include;

  • General Examination

Your genitals are examined and various questions will be posed pertaining your medical history. Any issue experienced during ejaculation must be reported.

  • A Semen Analysis

A sperm analysis is a clinical approach to evaluating a man’s semen and sperms. During this diagnostic approach, the quality, count, and the morphology of your sperms are evaluated.

  • A Scrotal ultrasound

During this ultrasound, the doctor will look at your testicles, the vas deferens, and the surrounding structures to evaluate their function.

How Is Oligospermia Clinically Treated?

Oligospermia is treated depending on your diagnostic results. Possible treatments include;

  • Medications

In case of any infection, these medications will help clear it together with any form of inflammation. This approach of Oligospermia treatment in India is quite affordable and stress-free. 

  • Hormone Therapy

This approach involves a number of treatment approaches that may include medications, diet, and lifestyle changes. 

  • Surgery

Obstructions of the vas deferens, varicocele, and retrograde ejaculation can be corrected through a surgery.

  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

These include IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to help your wife conceive. Sperms are surgically obtained or donor sperms may be used.

The selected type of treatment approach will directly influence your Oligospermia treatment cost in Punjab. Meet our fertility expert to father your own children.

Natural Ways To Eliminate Oligospermia

  • Improve your lifestyle (quit smoking)
  • Avoid using a condom
  • Have sex more frequently
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Regular exercises