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However IVF cycle provides the successful rates, but in several couples doesn’t produce the required results in the first cycle and in such case they need to follow the second cycle. Patients are asked to pause for a week or two in order to tolerate the depleting news that their cycle did not gone well. After passage of time, when you feel prepared, a meeting is scheduled to discuss what to do after failed IVF cycle.

The very first thing that is done after the failed IVF attempt is evaluation of cycle cautiously to learn from the outcomes of IVF ovarian stimulation procedure or if there are issues with egg collection, egg quality, quantity, fertilization results, embryo growth or issues related with the embryo transfer process. Usually the issues related are with ovarian stimulation protocol and embryo growth problems. After discussing the case of cell stages, disintegration, regularity of cells or blastocyst grading and expansion cases, second IVF cycle plan can be prepared.

The possible reasons of reasons of Failed IVF cycle in India may include:

Failure of embryo implantation however it is not a firm issue. The embryos were sent to the uterine cavity specifically if ultrasound embryo implantation is done. In IVF failure, there was embryo transfer failure however it is not confirmed where it was because of issue with embryos or a trouble with uterus. The 95% cases of IVF failure are because of embryo arrest which is very common because of chromosomal or other genetic issues in the embryos.

But these problems are quite unidentified in the latest time unless otherwise preimplantation genetic screening is done to identify the chromosomal status on embryos before the transplantation.

The case of multiple failed ivf cycles depends on age of female, egg quality and quantity, sperm quality, IVF ovarian stimulation, skills of doctor, lab quality, egg collection skills, embryo transfer skills, count of eggs collected, causes of infertility, uterine problems, embryo development extent, embryo quality and genetic disorders. It is very important to choose specialized and experienced IVF center to prevent occurrence of 4 failed ivf cycles. Choose a skilled physician to ensure ivf success after failed cycle. Contacting an experienced fertility surgeon increases chances of pregnancy after failed ivf cycle.

If 3 failed ivf cycles what next, surgeon must evaluate the issues in order to increase the chances for successful IVF. Receive a consistent estimate from your doctor on probability of success rates with second IVF. If there were problems with ovarian stimulation, specialist modifies the medication. In case of considerable problems in egg or embryo, it is possible because of poor quality lab, therefore you should choose to change the ivf clinic and consider an ivf program with better success rates.